Jun 9, 2009

Tomok Anak Melayu Boleh Becomes Actor

Tomok Anak Melayu Boleh BerjayaMelayu Boleh Zone feel proud of orang melayu boleh is known as Tomok, who suspected that he has now received a bid to perform after he was the winner in OIAM3 last month. Although the anak melayu is still busy in the process of recording an album first, but the provision does not drop out boleh malay Tomok.

For the fan Melayu Boleh Tomok, performers aged 24 this year to bring a good news headline when he agree filem new spell that will commence on 23 Julai depiction later. Interestingly, the second occurrence of Tomok the silver screen this time with a different experience when a film actor parlormaid frightened, Makar five years ago.

Melayu Boleh Tomok trust given by the production Flare Studios Sdn Bhd which in cooperation with the Progress Film Perbadanan Nasional (Finas) and Spacetoon Russia being the main character holds a superhero known Mantera. Superhero which is known as Azman to act together Melayu Boleh Tomok with a woman actor from Russia.

Melayu Boleh local actor involved is another wanita melayu boleh known as Lisa Surihani and lelaki melayu boleh known as Hairie Othman. Malay Boleh Tomok said, he excited when gets a bid perform in the film and does not waiting period to give approval. Anak Melayu Boleh consider this bid a film that comes after he OIAM3 win as a big opportunity not to be released.

"I have a certain plot this film interesting and able to provide towing to the young to watch. Even though I play less experience, but I try to give best acting experiences and learn from the other actor.

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  1. actually im not Tomok fanatik fan , but im proud of him....