Jun 2, 2009

Melayu Boleh Magazine Blogger Templates

Melayu Boleh is a blog that recounts stories Anak Melayu Boleh, Lelaki Melayu Boleh, Wanita Melayu Boleh and Orang Melayu Boleh successful in the field participate. But today, Best Melayu Boleh Blog will launch Melayu Boleh Magazine Blogger Templates in conjunction for Melayu Boleh SEO Contest. This Free Melayu Boleh Magazine Blogger Templates fully modified by blog Melayu Boleh with SEO Friendly, but this design by Template4U.

Why i name this magazine blogger templates is Melayu Boleh Magazine Blogger Templates? First, this template is design by Anak Melayu Boleh or Malay people can do anything what ever he want. Second is because this template using for SEO Contest with Melayu Boleh keyword. So, that why i renamed this template Melayu Boleh Magazine Blogger Templates and if you interested this templates, you can download it for free. But remember, i'm modified this template with fully SEO Friendly and take time to make it better for your blog/website, so i hope you not delete the footer because blog Melayu Boleh feel free to give you free download this template.

Live Demo
Click the picture below.

Melayu Boleh Magazine Blogger Templates

The features of Melayu Boleh Magazine Blogger Templates:
  • Real blogger Magazine Template
  • Header ads banner For Adsense ready ( 468 X 60 ads banner )
  • Adsense Link Ready ( 728 X 15 )
  • Adsense 300 X 250 (you can add at blog post)
  • Fulldown Navigation
  • Admin’s comment in different background (Admin’s comment highlighting)
  • 98% widgetized
  • 3 columns on Footer and
  • the most important is SEO Friendly

  1. Type: Blogger Layout (XML)
  2. Column Type: Multi columns template(4 columns)
  3. Color template default: White and blue
  4. Template width: 1000 pixels
  5. Tested at browsers: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.0.7, Opera 9.63, Navigator, Flock 1.2.3, Safari 3.1.2

  • It’s FREE!
  • Free to use/edit as long the footer is intact.

Setting up Navigation Menu

If you want to set up the navigation menu, please follow the instruction below:

1. Log in to blogger with your ID
2. Click Layout.
3. Click Edit HTML tab
4. Click the Download Full Template. Please backup your template first
5. Find this code:

6. Replace the links with yours
7. Click Save Template.
8. Done

Making Read More function

First, making read more function already setting in this template, but you need to add a little code in a blogger account which blog you will be using this templates.

You can follow the instruction below:

1. Log into blogger with your ID
2. Click Settings tab.
3. Scroll down the page and you will find the empty text area at the bottom of the page beside the words Post Template, fill out the text area with the code below:

< class="fullpost">

< /div>

5. Done

p/s: before div and /div not space.

How to post articles

1. Click Posting tab or New Post.
2. Click the Edit HTML tab

Melayu Boleh

3. You will see the code you have made
4. Write a part of your article that you want to appear on your blog before the code: < class="fullpost">. For the rest of your article, you have to write after the code above and before the code: < /div>.

p/s: before div and /div not space.

E.g. :

The interest rate that is offered on a mortgage loan is directly proportional to the amount of risk the lender feels that they are taking. If you have sparkling credit, the chances of you getting the best possible interest rate are fantastic.< class="fullpost"> On the other hand, if you have declared bankruptcy or if there are any other black marks on your credit history, the chances of you getting a great loan are almost zero. Another possible culprit is the rise in speciality loans that have gained in popularity over the last few years.< /div>

5. Click Publish Post.
6. Done

p/s: before div and /div not space.

Term of Service

By downloading and using our blogger templates, you agree to the following terms:

1. Melayu Boleh Magazine Blogger Templates is free to download.
2. You may NOT resell this templates to other persons or companies without our permission.
3. You may NOT place the template on another site for others to download. Please link to our site to download our template.
4. You may modify our template.
5. You may use the template for personal or commercial blog.
6. You may NOT delete the credits link to our site.

The following is the link to download

If you have problem with this templates, please leave your comment for Melayu Boleh below.. Thanks..


  1. wew... keren aku suka ni templte..... lawa sangat la.....
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    ok..salam kenal2..

  3. i think people can help from this site to reach there target ok!

  4. huhu... cantik template nie... leh la tgk cam ne nk seokan blog blogspot :-D

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