Jun 9, 2009

Lelaki Melayu Boleh Rizal concussion Iran

Melayu Boleh Rizal Tisin CyclistMelayu Boleh will post another success story about Malaysian Melayu Boleh. He is a national track Cyclist namely Mohd Rizal Tisin also known as Melayu Boleh successful in their fields, he is also a friend and one to the troops Melayu Boleh Azizulhasni. Rizal continued to exhibit ability in the international ranking when he wins a two gold medal and two silver at a local championship in Iran, last week.

Melayu Boleh Rizal who represent Azad University club won the keirin and the test period, when one kilometer achieve silver in the 200 meter whip and whip in teams. "Although this championship involves local racer (Iran), it was a great championship for my new start in exercise time after the last act in the World Championship in Poland, Mac ago," he said.

Racer Melayu Boleh birth Klang said after this he may be attached to the two championship like that again involves the local troops in Iran, but depending how far the army will require its submission. "Create the present, I will undergo training in the Majlis Sukan Negara in the programme that has been provided by the national cycle coach, John Beasley," he said.

According to him, the main championship will be his after this is Lumba Basikal Asia Championship (ACC), Ogos front in Jakarta, Indonesia. "After that, I will return to Melbourne, Australia with his team was training for another series of the World Cup in Manchester, England in the period took place in October," he said.

Melayu Boleh Rizal also now can devote full attention to the career cycle as the athletes received after working with the general public Suruhjaya Perkhidmatan (SPA) in Putrajaya since a month ago.

Racer Melayu Boleh aged 24 years was the Asian record holder in the event a test period which 1 kilometer is 1 minutes 01.658 second when the won bronze at the World Championship in Poland, Mac ago.


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