Jun 10, 2009

Gadis Melayu Boleh TV9 Successful

Aida - Khairul Noormaidah Zali juara gadis melayu tv9 musim pertamaMelayu Boleh will post a story about the triumph of the malay has won TV9 Gadis Melayu, he is Khairul Noormaidah Zali or Aida. After the first success, the search is now forwarded to the second season. As many as five locations in Peninsular Malaysia is selected to succeed the test talent search for TV9 Gadis Melayu Boleh.

Starting with the Johor Bahru, Pulau Pinang, Sri Pentas 2 Shah Alam and Ipoh, this weekend also a talent test held at Hotel Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur. Become the location of the last search, 12 girls are required to search the Malay will found.

Publisher Gadis Melayu TV9, Ibrahim Shukri also known as Melayu Boleh said the search in this second challenge is rather to give to participants because it is different than years ago. Along with the changes modernity, participants TV9 Gadis Melayu Boleh will be tested from various angles.

"Not just to know Malay tradition merely, but participants melayu boleh girl also evaluated through wisdom, creativity, skill and well-informed. If all those features be, participant involved instantly qualified to be chosen.

"He was a deviation for the test participants real talent. Thus, in the test session talent on this season, we (TV9) invite celebrities and actor as jury. If the participants recognize the talents in acting, they will be tested immediately.

"They (participants) need to perform with the jury first, before the score is given. The actor was invited as a jury Gadis Melayu is Fauziah Nawi in Johor Bahru, Jehan Miskin (Pulau Pinang), Rusdi Ramli (Shah Alam), and Hamzah Zulhuzaimi and Maizurah ( Ipoh), all jury also known as anak melayu boleh successful."he said.

According to Shukri, to test the location of talent in the Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur which was held today and tomorrow begins 9 am, jury is involved Nurfarahin Jamsari, Sharifah Syed Mohd Syawati, Datuk Mahadzir Lokman Entertainment and Metro Daily, Adam Salleh.

"From the four test locations talent ago, not denied it received very incite participants for melayu boleh girl. Perhaps, approximately 600 participants for melayu boleh girl have attended test talent and a successful candidate in this short list so that as many as 30 people.

"Hence, the search forward melayu boleh girl again in Kuala Lumpur. Hope 12 participants for Gadis Melayu TV9 is needed to replicate the second season challenge will be found later. I am sure he was looked to be a prize winner is also quite sizable," he said.

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  1. Aida memang layak dinobatkan sebagai "Gadis Melayu" kontemporari.