May 27, 2009

Zulkifli Lelaki Melayu Boleh Take Away Silver From Bulgaria

Today, Melayu Boleh Blog will post about Zulkifli as Lelaki Melayu Boleh Succeed in Bulgaria for Archery sports. Archer DESIRE nation's elite backing, Mohamad Zulkifli Tahir known as Boleh Malays Man to invent shock in Second Championship Archery Europe Sirkit in Bulgaria no achieved. But, Zulkifli just win silver medal when defeated to his opponent from Italy in event final recurve male individual yesterday.

Sports Manager shooting National Sports Council (MSN), Azani Hashim says, his party is fixed are satisfied with Zulkifli's achievement because the young archer still portray proud achievement. Apart from Zulkifli, MSN also send another Boleh Malay Man known as Nazrin Aizat Mat Nasir and Arisf Farhan participate in championship that.

"In the championship, only Melayu Boleh Zulkifli who stood out when progressing to final stage, however his fate is bad when defeated to Italy archer. Nazrin defeated in round two, while Arisf removed in third-round. Overall, I fixed proud with their performance because this is first championship being participated backing archer elite to international championships this year," said Azani.

Meanwhile, Azani says, nation's elite archer now join training in Chengju, South Korea since last May 14.

"They join training as Championship's preparation facing Archery World Cup Third Sirkit in Turkey on this May 30. Then, they will join World Cup Fourth Sirkit in China, forward August and World Archery Championship in South Korea in September," said its.

National archer which participated training in South Korea was Cheng Chu Sian, Muhammad Marbawi Sulaiman and Wan Mohd. Khalmizam Wan Abd. Aziz, Mohamad Izzudin Womb, Nur Amirah Mohamed, Ambarasi Subramaniam and Noor Aziera Taip. I hope, national archer succeed in making Malaysia renowned as Malaysia Boleh.

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