May 25, 2009

Zahra Wanita Melayu Boleh Conquer Channel

Zahra Masoumah Wanita Melayu BolehWho think behind sweet smile engraved upon Melayu Boleh girl's face aged these 18 years old, kept a only afford commitment in lute with thousand and one courage and endurance. For Melayu Boleh known as Zahra Masoumah Abdul Halim, mission swim across the English Straits scheduled early this July is his first step before answer challenge swim much more long distance challenge. This Melayu boleh said, opportunity followed success two Malaysians which previously successfully wade wave hurricane channel as far 34 to 37 kilometres (km) the is something very meaningful moreover of youth swimmer like him.

"If succeed to end challenge across the channel from Dover, United's southern Kingdom to Calais, French north, I desire conquer four more different channel continental within few years hence," said Zahra.

Previously in August 2003, Melayu Boleh known as Abdul Malik successfully swim across English Channel with time record 17 hours 35 minutes. While a year after that, Lee, medical stream one student in Universiti Cambridge, bring off its in time 9 hours 45 minutes. Never met by two swimmer involved, Zahra Masoumah nevertheless admitted too deferential Abdul Malik and Lee.

anak melayu boleh"Their time record is so spectacular and in wade this mission, question of time not priority. Most important, I afford implement them without fail," melayu boleh said.

Zahra Masoumah expected will be brought together with Lee in United Kingdom understood also helped that mission preparation there. If she succeeds in the mission of its, Zahra Masoumah future recording own history as Muslim women Melayu Boleh swimmer in the world get through the channel. Would be departing to United Kingdom on this May 27 with her boleh younger brother, Salman Ali Shariati was 11 years old accompanied personal trainer, Arof Osman, Zahra Masoumah intensive training optimist traverse its especially in Lumut territorial waters and the walls since a year ago able assist him succeed that mission.

"I will be there over one month to inured with cold sea water situation temperature. Although distance swim English Channel is shorter of swim that has been I doing previously, his big challenge is cold weather until 15 degrees Celsius apart from strong sea water current," said melayu boleh again.

Said this melayu boleh, each English Straits swimmer have to get over eligibility condition namely able to be in water at least six hours nonstop. Best Melayu Boleh Blog hopes so that Zahra could create history its distinctive altogether make famous Malaysia's name in world eye as Orang Melayu Boleh and Malaysia Boleh.


  1. fuh, berani gila minah nih. Memang semangat tinggi gila ni. :)

  2. Itu lah dia gadis melayu bersemangat waja.. dia pun buktikan gadis muda mcm dia tu boleh berjaya..

  3. melayu memang boleh tapi jangan terpebgaruh dgn dakyah barat dan yahudi...