May 27, 2009

Melayu Boleh Second Prime Minister of Malaysia

Tun Abdul Razak Anak Melayu BolehLast week, Melayu Boleh blog has also created the post about Perdana Menteri Malaysia Pertama. Today, i will post about Melayu Boleh Second Prime Minister of Malaysia, he is the Tun Abdul Razak bin Haji Dato 'Hussein also known as Orang Melayu Boleh. Allahyaraham Tun Abdul Razak bin Haji Dato 'Hussein is the second Prime Minister of Malaysia from the humble 1970 until 1976. He was famed in launch New Basic Economics (1971) (NEP), which aims to overcome economic inequality and social antagonism that has been raised in the community group which various folk Malaysia. After his death, he was reminded of as the "Father of Development or Bapa Pembangunan".

Tun Abdul Razak also known as Lelaki Melayu Boleh Succeed was born on 11 Mac 1922 on the island keladi, Pekan, Pahang, Allahyaraham Tun Abdul Razak is the first-born child to Dato 'Hussein bin Mohd Taib and Hajah The Fatimah bt Daud. He was gentle Bugis who had a long-head of the head of the tribe of Pahang. Her brother-in-law's, Tun Hussein Onn, was his heir as Prime Minister of the third. His first-born child, Dato 'Seri Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia to be to replace the six Tun Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi in 2009. Her children the other is Datuk Ahmad Johari Razak, Mohamed Nizam, Mohamed Nazim and Mohamed Nazir. Since the lower school, this Melayu Boleh has shown ingenuity and brilliance in the field studies and sports. He was then selected to connect the lessons Maktab Melayu Kuala Kangsar, Perak. After graduate study in Malay College Kuala Kangsar, he works with Perkhidmatan Pentadbiran Malaya. In year 1939, he offered scholarships to pursue at Kolej Raffles, Singapore in 1940. However, his education have to be terminated when II World War's incitement.

After the war, he go to the Britain in year 1947 for study law course. When claim in England, he meets with Abdul Rahman's Tunku was making thirdly attempt to get his law degree. Abdul Razak sits on British Labour Party and as Student's Association Britain Malay, selected as secretary under Tunku selected as president of the union. At the same time, Abdul Razak also established "Malaya Forum", a showcased for discussion politics questions country to students Malaya. In year 1950, Abdul Razak receives his degree of Lincoln Inn in London, he show that melayu boleh are succeeding in field chosen its. After his return, Boleh Malay joins Malaya Public Services and labour in political field. Caused his political capacity, Boleh Malay was a head of youth Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu (UMNO). Two years later, he works as Penolong Setiausaha Pahang State and then, in February 1955, he becomes Pemangku Pahang Chief Minister when aged only 33 years old. When winning first general election in Malaya in July 1955, he appointed as Education Minister. Melayu Boleh also participated February mission 1956 which headed by Abdul Rahman's Tunku to London to pursue independence Malaya of British party.

After general election 1959, Abdul Razak becomes Minister of Rural Development by hold Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister portfolio. His major achievements including development policy formulation which is known as "Red Book". After event on 13 May 1969, his group in UMNO smashes Abdul Rahman's Tunku and declared state of emergency and he commands through decree till 1970. In 22 September 1970, he inherits Abdul Rahman's Tunku as second Malaysia's Prime Minister. Melayu Boleh then celebrated in New Economic Policy's launch (Nap) in year 1971. He and "second generation" Malay politics members show need to handle economic inequality and social has prompted racism antagonism. NEP sets two basis target, namely reduce and at the end of the day:
  • eliminate poverty; and
  • eliminate economic function identification with race.
Abdul Razak forms Barisan Nasional in 1 January 1973 alternately to Parti Perikatan. He increases party members to establish what in his words "National Resilience" through political stability. Caused some by leukemia disease, this Lelaki Melayu Boleh dies in 14 Januari 1976 when get medical treatment in London, and enshrined in Makam Pahlawan, near with National Mosque, Kuala Lumpur. After his death, he is awarded with Bapa's Pembangunan. Melayu Boleh blog very flattered with him because was the Orang Melayu which successfully to administer the country as Prime Minister those authorized.

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