May 31, 2009

Dato Bahaman Anak Melayu Boleh Berjuang Kemerdekaan

Dato Bahaman Anak Melayu BolehMelayu Boleh blog will introduce the independence fighter as Orang melayu Boleh known as Dato' Bahaman. His real name is Abdul Rahman. His father is Tuanku Imam Nuh came from Bangkinang. His mother is Rokiah Abdul Rahman, son of Tok Setia Perkasa Semantan a pure Bugis from South Sulawesi. His father and mother also known as orang melayu boleh because he can take care Dato' Bahaman during child. Bahaman also known as the Seman is a clever "silat" and science also have immune. The advantages of this cause, he has performed as a 'Seman Tahan' by residents around the area. The name 'Seman Hold' famous the day among the inhabitants along the river that is not called that when it was given the name of river Seman Tahan River and onwards into the British port of call.

Semantan war is led by someone known as VIP Dato' Bahaman. Main flap is a sense of rebellion is not satisfied the heart of orang Besar Pahang, especially once he (Orang Kaya Semantan) against the British to intervene over the region. Actual tension between Dato 'Bahaman with the British have begun since 1890 but again it heighten tensions in the year 1891. Tensions that began in Disember 1890 when Melayu Boleh was angry and talk about EA Wise (Temerloh district employees) because EA Wise wanted to establish a policy center in Lubuk Terua the one place in the area including melayu boleh, without first negotiate with him. When Hugh Clifford (Pemangku British Resident of Selangor when) know this, he has been counsel of Sultan and then call boleh malays that went to Pekan that things could be in the strategy. Because melayu boleh reluctant to Pekan, Sultan has issued a Warrant slip off a rank and its extent as Because boleh malay reluctant to Pekan, Sultan has issued a warrant just slip off the peg and its designation as the Rich People Semantan.

Action slip off a platform and the extent of painful Dato 'Bahaman. This condition causes lelaki melayu boleh and followers ambush attack Deaborough and CEM-entrant followers on 15 Disember 1891 when they move are Semantan River. The attack was made by anak melayu boleh because he thought Desborough came to catch In the attack that suddenly, the party has lost Desborough and he fled to Bandar Temerloh. After the events in Semantan know, the British staff in all Pahang set of the first busy for them to fight those who oppose British Literature. Because of that, at 21 Disember 1891, a troop leader who by Clifford and Tengku Mahmud had gone to the village which is a stronghold Kelubi second defense Dato 'Bahaman. Applies here once again battle between the British with boleh malay but the British once again experienced defeat.

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