Dec 28, 2009

Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal

Dare to Fail is Berani GagalHave not graduated, the pretty small-it has been winning awards as the Most Creative winner results brave attempt failed in the campaign 'Create Your Style' carried by the brand Puma in the Pavilion shopping center in Kuala Lumpur.

With the spirit of Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal, Sarah Amirah Mohd. Fahmi, 19, from Subang Jaya, Selangor successfully defeated two other contestants. Victory that qualify him to take home cash of RM1,000 and Puma vouchers worth RM3,000.

Students at Raffles Design Institute, Kuala Lumpur did not dare to fails think the task given by the lecturer it will be selected to be contested. For your information, the competition is only open to students of the institute only.

He was quite excited because the first live participation dared to fail in the fashion competition continues to bring good luck to him. Compared to other classmates, he followed the majoring Diploma in Design have set up these tasks alone. He naturally has a soul that has been open inject inspired music as a universal source of inspiration.

Music affected fashion

As fans of Rihanna, I heard the songs repeatedly that it influenced fashion collection presented on the night in the Café Stelle, Pavilion. Day and night he was struggling to complete the task with earnest. At the time, he had to divide the revised time for other subjects and trained laughter. In fact he is a participant Futsal National League Championship Felda-FAM 2009/2010.

Finally, the 70 students who submit assignments Raffles on 15 November last year, do Amirah, Mo., and Amber and Mandy pair selected to be contested. But before they reach the stage, they first need to present their ideas to a representative of Puma and fashion experts.

Present work

At that time, then we all know that this hidup berani untuk gagal task is to sharpen the talents of students participating in an actual competition. A week after that, Amirah and her friends met with the organizers (Puma) and to dare to present their work failed respectively. "They give a lot of views, the idea of processing more robust and practical. In addition to state what is required by the Puma and want to be seen later in the competition."

After the meeting, Amirah and other finalists brought to the Puma boutique at The Gardens, Kuala Lumpur. Visits that plays an important role in the overall project because he could visually represent ideas raised whether it can become a reality or otherwise.

Once received measure body size models that will show off clothes, he boldly chose shirt T shirts, jackets, pants, bags, skirts, shoes and blaus appropriate. As Amirah, other participants also received five female and five male models.

In the meantime, he felt that 'products' creation may be less prominent. Compared to two other players who use the chain to the coiled body and red socks women, he preferred instead use the concept of harmony.

Unique fashion

Given the spirit of life and dare to fail, confidence, and support from family members and friends in arms, Amirah brace themselves provide the best on December 4 last.

At the end of the event which lasted nearly three hours, he was crowned winner of the main. Second place falls to Mo Jian Tan Sze Yung and Amber and Mandy Yap Wei Mun Mun in third place. He announced his name as soon as the tremors are grateful for all the tired-tired and his efforts rewarded with a return commensurate such as live video hidup berani gagal.

Two friends as Amirah No.1 supporter, also expressed feeling happy. "Although I do not think Amirah will appear champion, he is indeed eligible for this recognition due to his design and processing of Puma's fashion highlight enough," said Mohd. Atiq Faisal Abdul Kadir and Zulhelmi Saw Saw Zulkifli simultaneously.


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