Jun 13, 2009

Anak Melayu Boleh Control Technical Diving

Anak Melayu Boleh MenyelamMelayu Boleh will post about malay children can control techincal diving. Anak melayu boleh successful to achieve the dream if he tried to serious. With regard to anak melayu boleh learn techniques dive, indication they look like a professional diver skuba. Full dress with diving equipment such as air tank, standard air, face mask and hours under water, as though they want to recognize the world's oceans.

Best Melayu boleh blog surprised because they are a child aged between wither eight to 12 years. They are not simply a style, even the capable technical mastery and control equipment and dive skuba. They are the trainers of children who follow suit skuba School courses Skuba international (SSI) Scuba Rangers is controlled by the Dolphin Swiming Academy (DSA) with edscuba. They will attend training every Saturday in the Complex Sukan Tan Sri Haji Mohd. Said, Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan.

Chairman of the coach and Savior enervation DSA, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman is also known as lelaki melayu boleh said, Scuba Rangers program is a collaboration between the DSA and edscuba to increase the activity of water sports and diver-delivered professional diver in Negeri Sembilan. "Idea to introduce this course skuba because many students in the courses that follow the pool in the DSA want to see more water sport activity was conducted," he said.

Anak Gadis MelayuMelayu Boleh Abdul Aziz said, Scuba Rangers program is divided to four ranked the Rangers, Middle, Advanced and Master Rangers before they are eligible to receive a license dive. He said, trainers should undergo training five classes on each day beginning from Saturday at 9 am. He encircle teaching theory and practical with a charge of RM900. "What's interesting about this sport suit skuba it is not only about teaching self-discipline, the safety aspect is an alternative to even have a family recreation together," he said.

In addition to skuba and the pool, participated in the DSA test and exercise the savior Savior enervation Malaysia (LSSM). Since decade ago, DSA has delivered nearly 7.000 lifeguard and 28 shield enervation. Meanwhile, boleh teachers skuba edscuba, Nor Azlan Zain was 45 years old is alos known as Melayu Boleh said, SSI Scuba Rangers program is a preparation class to the child prior to this step more to the world ocean. "In this program, he focused not only on the technical diving, but also the emphasis given to aspects of safety and self-discipline. We do not want them to know just take a dive but not heavy on the safety aspect because it will endanger their lives," he said.

Melayu Boleh Nor Azlan said, the implementation of the conservation of the world ocean is also emphasized in the Scuba Rangers program edscuba to give consciousness to the children of this interest in the sea floor ecosystems. What difficulty bring a child behavior that follow the Scuba Rangers program? Melayu Boleh Nor Azlan advise, indeed difficult at first bring their habit but as experienced teachers, they need to take a careful student versed with the concept that brisk.

"He encircle games, videos and entertaining impression that they were not bored, once gus attract them to ask questions and deep oceans of the world settler. In the meantime, we also conduct programs to the islands to dive on the balcony of the sea. It can help the trainer to tasted real situation under the sea in fact it is one activity involving all the family," he said.

Meanwhile, trainer Scuba Rangers, Melayu Boleh Siti Nur Aqilah Nor Azlan was 9 years old said, he would like to join the program because the interest in connection with marine life and want to see it with a closer again. "Scuba Rangers program is very good because we can learn about the sport suit skuba, ocean ecosystems and increase stamina and health of the trainers," he said.

For Anak Melayu Boleh Muhd. Alif Shah Shirah Akashah was 8 years old, he was interested in the sport suit skuba spicy because parents are active in the sport. "I always follow both parents dive in the islands for ventilation in this country. Enjoyable and encourage when follow the Scuba Rangers program. Much can be learned about the vividness dive in the sea when the sea floor," he said. All the anak melayu boleh show that he as melayu boleh successful in their fieds if have spirit to success.

The information about the Scuba Rangers can contact the DSA and edscuba line 013-640 in 8681 (Abdul Aziz), 017-284 3924 (Sakinah) or open a web page http://dolphinacademy.blogspot.com and www.edscuba.com.


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